Car Radar Detector Black Box Series for GPS Navigator(4307)

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Feature: Brand new

Easy mounted interlock

Patented design product

Compatible with most solution

Compatible with any navigator

Wireless remote control function

Long measured distance control

Compatible with any navigator clip

Ultra-slim,elegant,all-in-one radar detector

Available for independent installation and use

Specification: Voltage:12V Color:Black Language:English,Russian,Arabic Working Temperature:-25C ~ + 75C Maximum Temperature:- 100C ~ + 125C X - band:10

525 GHz 100 MHz, 1500-2500M K - band:24

150 GHz 175 MHz, 1200-2500M k - band:24

125 GHz 175MHz, 250 - 1200M ku - band:13

450 GHz 125MHz, 450 - 1500M ka - band:34

700 GHz 1300MHz, 800 -1500M ka - band:33

400 GHz 1300MHz, 200 - 600M Laser Beam:904mn 33KMHz VG-2:11

150GHz 175MHz Wireless duplex transmission frequency:2

4GHz 410MHz Installation: 1

Bracket and data interlocked


Fix clip with bracket(compatible with any navigator clip)


Clip navigator firmly


Connect navigator with radar detector by USB cable(elbow shaped USB port connect to navigator)

Package Included: 1 X Radar Detector Unit 1 X Car Charger 1 X USB Cable 1 X Manual 1 X Holder

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