KCASA Pastry Cake Fondant Decorating Silicone Flower Bowknot Mold Mould Embossing Pad

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Product Description / KCASA Silicone Mold KCASA Silione fondant mold uses 100% food grade silicone, healthy and odorless

Meets FDA and LFGB food grade standard, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Easily push into mold and pops out, pliable and flexible,will not rip or tear under normal use

Ideal for making sugar paste, fondant, gum paste, chocolate,candy,clay craft, etc

Producing figures that look hand made, making it quick and easy for beginners

The experienced cake decorator will be able to alter and adapt the finished figures for their designs

KCASA silicone mold can be used in many ways, the creative possibilities are endless

Enjoy Baking / KCASA Silicone Mold Brand: KCASA Certification: FDA & LFGB Material: Food Grade Silicone Weight: 200g Size(LxWxT): 19



9cm Temperature Range: - 40 ~ 230 Pattern: Flower Bowknot Color: Randomly Application: Microwave, Refrigerator Product Images Silicone Mold Features High-strength flexibility, corrosion resistance, optimum temperature for cooking, baking, the best material for directly touch with food

Healthy, natural antibacterial material, can prevent bacterial and fungal from breeding,widely used in infant products, medical supplies

Stable mechanical property, extreme temperature resistance with wide temperature range - 40 ~ 230 ,heating and freezing evenly

Excellent corrosion resistance to detergent and corrosive substances,non-stick and easy to clean, any material will not stick to the mold after use

Usage & Maintenance First use wash with water to clean dust and disinfect

Before baking, brush the inside mold with a small amount of melted butter

When using even mold ,fill all the slots with batter or water for empty slots

After use, soaked in diluted detergent for 10-30 minutes, and use soft sponge soft cloth cleaning

Dry the mold and place in box or clean bag,silicone prone to static response, will absorb tiny particles in the air and dust

When using for oven, must be placed in the middle and keep a distance of about 10CM From the heating pipe, and 5CM distance from the oven walls to prevent damage to the mold