Creative DIY Silicon Transparent Crazy Lazyboots Straw(бесшовные колготки от Le Cabaret, 102355)

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Description: Construct your own fun straw, Multiple configurations

Food grade environmental protection, non-toxic materials and dishwasher safe,can be repeated use

Indulge your side whenever you make a drink - whether it's an exquisite cocktail or just a glass of water, these amazing DIY straws let you sip with style

Create an endless array of twists, turns, splits and bends until your simple drink looks like a plumber has been let loose on a skyscraper

Different sized straws and connectors mean that ultra-imaginative constructions can be made You can even combine your drinks when slurping them up by connecting straws together

Place two ends in different drinks and join them together for a new twist on mixing drinks

Great fun for both adults and kids, there's no more inventive way to add some extra fun to drinks Note: It is forbidden to use hot water or drink hot drinks Otherwise it will cause deformation

Features & details: Name: DIY Crazy Straw Material: Silicon Color: Random Quantity: 30 Pcs altogether Packaging Included: 1Set (30 Pcs) x of straw

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