GFK-160 Electrical Liquids Filling Machine Bottled Filler Foods Oils Bottling Equipment Tools

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Description: GFK-160 Electrical Liquids Filling Machine Bottled Filler Foods Oils Bottling Equipment Tools GFK series numerical control liquid filling machine uses micro-computer to control the mini-pump on filling time and the rotation rate of electric motor so tthat the machine can fill the liquid fluently and at high accuracy

It is widely used in medical,chemistry,food,bervage,oil and cosmetics,etc

It is suitable for filling low-viscous liquid without pellets

Features: 1

Imported single-chip control,high efficiency,low power consumption 2

Automatic counting,control the filling quantity effectively


LCD display,touch screen panel is easy to operate


Filling Accuracy is high,precise volume


Wide voltage use range


Product working performance is stable,long use life


Self-suck function,don't need to pour


Pump can stand the acid and alkali


Anti-dripping design 10

Reasonable construction design,stanless steel shelf,meed GMP requirement

Specification: Voltage AC 180V-260V,110V can be customized Power 30W Filling Range 2ml-3500ml Max Flow Rate 3

2L/min Package Size 400X380X200 (mm) Volume Weight 8

5kg Max Suck Distance 2m Repeat Error <0

5% Anti-dripping Function Available Memory Function without Electricity Available How to use: 1

Installation Take the plastic filling nozzle out and install it in the feeding tube

(Notice the triangle head connects the discharge tube)

Take out the filling-head stand and install it on the left of the machines as photo3 shows

Put the filling head in the clip and tighten it by socket wrench

Connect the pedal switch with machine, and put the tube with filter below the liquid level inside the storage rank

The position of tank should be lower than the machine

Start to test the machine after all is ready


Turn on Switch on the machine, the LCD screen will show welcome words and the machine will be under standby status after 3 seconds

As photo4 shows, the screen shows filling quantity at the top left corner, filling speed at bottom left corner, once filling time at the top right corner, interval time at bottom right corner


Adjustment When the machine is under working status, other buttons can't work

You can adjust the parameter after press the on/off button to let the machine under pause status


Measurement Proofreading This procedure is to check out if there is water coming out from the nozzle

By adjusting the filling time and speed to meet the requirement

The normal work can be carried out after the measurement proofreading is done

Kindly note: The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage due to improper operation

This kind of risk should be taken by the users

Strictly abiding by the manual book is a part of operation requirement

Package includes: 1 x Power Cord 1 x Pedal Switch 1 x Filling Stand 1 x Filter 1 x Filling Nozzle 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Inner hexagonal wrench 1 x User Manual Details pictures: